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The Signs and Symptoms of Vision Loss

Signs & Symptoms of Vision Loss

A simple and convenient annual eye exam can help you preserve your eyesight for life and help prevent or slow vision loss. Your optometrist near Chula Vista is dedicated to ensuring that you enjoy the sharpest possible vision from childhood through the senior years.

Woman getting tested for her vision loss.

Signs of Vision Loss: When to See Your Chula Vista Eye Doctor

Remember, your optometrist is your partner for eye health and sharp vision, providing expert diagnosis and eye care. There are many early signs that can indicate vision loss, but determining the significance of any symptom is impossible on your own. Please see your eye doctor annually, anytime you encounter these vision loss symptoms or if you notice them in your child:

  • Blank or black area in the center of your vision
  • Loss of side (peripheral) vision
  • Sudden increase in floaters or black spots in your visual field
  • Flashes of light or seeing halos around objects
  • Difficulty seeing in near darkness
  • Poor color vision
  • Depth perception problems, which can cause tripping, falling and balance problems
  • Difficulty interpreting things you see
  • Squinting
  • Covering/closing one eye when reading
  • Missing letters or lines of text when reading
  • Blurry, hazy or clouded vision
  • Double vision
  • Eye-watering and/or excessive blinking
  • Headaches when reading
  • Crowded handwriting, with letters almost on top of each other 
  • Writing slants down/up
  • Eye-hand coordination problems such as trouble catching a ball
  • Reading books held closer than about 18 inches from the face
  • And more

How Our Eye Doctor Diagnoses Vision Loss

Our eye doctor's experience and observation skills, combined with high-tech eye testing and visual acuity measurements help us to discover even tiny changes in your vision or eye function. We can (and should) even test infants and children too young to read. Our optometrist uses the classic eye chart, plus advanced eye tests to evaluate peripheral and color vision. We will measure your eye pressure as needed to diagnose eye diseases (like ocular hypertension or glaucoma) and much more. This allows us to begin treatment early when it is most successful and to track the progression of your eye condition from a visit to visit. 

Prevent Vision Loss with an Annual Eye Exam in Chula Vista Today!

Our optometrist near Chula Vista is often the first to discover early vision loss. Please get regular eye exams and expert eye care to preserve your vision at Villa Optometry Inc. Contact us at  619-482-2020 today for your appointment.