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Eye Infections

Our Optometrist near Chula Vista Diagnoses and Treats Eye Infections

Because your eyes are so important, it can be disconcerting to experience the symptoms of an eye infection. However, a quick eye exam can set your worries at ease and get you started on the road to healing. If you need an optometrist near Chula Vista, Villa Optometry is ready to serve you.

Man with an eye infection rubbing his eyes.

Symptoms and Types of Eye Infections

The most common eye infections are caused by bacteria or viruses. Rarely, fungi can be involved. One of the most well-known eye infections is sometimes referred to as pink eye. An eye doctor would call it conjunctivitis. The contagious forms that are often present where young children gather have viral or bacterial origins. However, a non-contagious allergic form of conjunctivitis can also occur.

It is usually impossible for you to tell what type of eye infection you have, so it is very important to have an eye doctor diagnose you. This ensures that you get the proper treatment, which is different depending on the cause of the infection. Most types of eye infections share a set of common symptoms:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Dry or watery eyes
  • Discharge
  • Pain
  • Blurry vision
  • Light sensitivity

If you have any of these symptoms, contact us right away for an appointment. Most eye infections are minor and easily treated, but proper eye care is extremely important to protect your vision. Certain types of untreated infections can be dangerous to your eye health.

Treatment for Eye Infections

Viral infections tend to be treated supportively and allowed to run their course. These are often like the common cold, in that only time will heal them. Your eye doctor can provide options to make you more comfortable while you are getting over the virus, though. There are viral infections that require antiviral drugs, but these are relatively rare.

Antibiotics, most commonly in drop or ointment form, are used to treat bacterial infections. Bacterial infections can be serious if left untreated but are usually uncomplicated to resolve with proper treatment from an eye doctor. Supportive care can be used to decrease discomfort until the antibiotics start working.

Many people with allergic reactions cannot avoid the source of the allergen. In these cases, allergy drugs or supportive care will be used to manage eye symptoms. However, some people do not know that they are experiencing an allergic reaction, and are able to avoid the cause after they discover it. In cases of severe inflammation from any cause, steroid drops may be used until other treatment starts working.

Contact lens wearers are at increased risk of eye infections. Those who wear contacts overnight, even contacts that are approved for that purpose, are at additionally increased risk. If you normally wear contacts but are experiencing the symptoms of an eye infection, you should switch over to glasses until your eye exam is complete.

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