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Conjunctivitis (or pink eye as it’s commonly called) is a very common eye disease affecting about 3 million people each year, according to data from the National Eye Institute. And while the symptoms can be uncomfortable, the good news is, your eye doctor can provide safe and effective treatment to relieve your symptoms and speedily eliminate the infection that causes the pink eye to reduce the risk of more serious complications. As a top-ranked optometrist near Chula Vista, Villa Optometry offers patients the most advanced treatments for eye diseases, including pink eye infections. Having treatment at the first sign of conjunctivitis is the best way to prevent additional problems and to prevent spreading the infection to others.

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What Causes Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria or viruses that enter the eye, usually when you rub your eye and the germs are on your finger. You can also get pink eye from using eye makeup that belongs to a person who has conjunctivitis, or by using eye makeup you used when you had an infection in the past. The germs cause the clear membrane that covers your eye to become inflamed and red. Your eyelid also can become inflamed as a result of the infection.

What Symptoms does Conjunctivitis Cause?

One of the main symptoms of conjunctivitis is a red or pink appearance in the whites of your eyes (hence its nickname, pink eye). Other symptoms include itching and burning, often accompanied by a discharge from your eyes. Sometimes this discharge forms a crust on the eyelids, especially when waking from sleep. You can also have excessive tearing and blurry vision as a result of the infection.

How does an Eye Doctor Diagnose Pink Eye?

In most cases, conjunctivitis can be diagnosed during a simple eye exam, simply by evaluating your symptoms. In some cases, the optometrist may use a soft swab to take a sample of fluid from your eye. The sample can be evaluated in a lab to identify the specific pathogen that’s causing the infection and to manage your treatment. Many people who have pink or red eyes mistakenly think they have eye allergies, and as a result, they can wind up delaying their care. If you have red eyes or any other symptoms of conjunctivitis, it's important to see your eye doctor right away so you can get the most appropriate care and prevent the infection from becoming worse.

What Kind of Eye Care is Required to Treat Pink Eye?

If your eye exam reveals you have conjunctivitis, your optometrist will prescribe special eye drops to help eliminate the germ and the infection. The doctor will also provide you with other eye care guidance, like not wearing contact lenses until the infection is cleared up and throwing away all your eye makeup, including eyeshadow, liner, and mascara. If you use an eye cream to moisturize around your eyes, you should throw that away as well. And you’ll also need to take special care not to rub your eyes and to make sure you keep your hands very clean, just in case you forget and touch your eyelids or eye area. Most symptoms of pink eye resolve shortly after treatment begins, but it’s important to use your prescribed drops or other medication for the entire amount of time your doctor prescribes to ensure all the germs are destroyed.

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