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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses at Our Chula Vista Optometrist

Here at Villa Optometry, we specialize in helping you find the exact eyewear that works for your personal sense of style and the life you live. We serve the Rancho Del Rey, Imperial Beach, Terra Nova, Bonita and East Lake areas with impeccable professionalism and top notch products, ensuring all our patients find the contact lenses or glasses they need. If you want to learn more about contact lens exams, styles, and fittings, you’ve come to the right place.

Types of Contact Lenses from Our Optometrist in Chula Vista

Our optometrist Chula Vista offers some of the highest rated contact lenses in the industry. Our offerings include a range of lens types from each of the following companies:

  • Cooper Vision, specifically the Biofinity, Clarity 1 Day, MyDay, Proclear and Avaira lenses
  • Alcon, including Air Optix and Dailies lenses
  • Vistakon, specifically Acuvue lenses
  • Bausch and Lomb, offering Ultra or BioTrue lenses
  • Optical Connection, including Biocurve and Definition lens types
  • SynergEyes, with Duette and UltraHealth lenses on offer

Lenses from any of these companies carry the optometry industry’s seal of approval. Moreover, you can rest assured that our optometrist Chula Vista will find you the best pair for your eyesight challenges and your lifestyle. Of course, finding the right contact lenses begins with a professional exam.

Excellent Eye Care Begins with a Contact Lens Exam

A contact lens exam is the first step in getting the eye care you need. During the exam, your optometrist will take a health history, will perform a series of tests to determine what eyesight issues you are struggling with, and will determine your suitability for contact lenses. If you have never had a contact lens exam before, it will likely be more comprehensive than if you have been receiving eye care for years and are simply coming in for a checkup.

Ask Our Eye Doctor about Proper Eye Wear for You

Once your exam is completed, your eye doctor will tell you about your eyewear options. In many cases, this will mean contact lenses, at which point you will talk through the offerings above. We will discuss the right brand, how often you’ll change your contacts, whether they’ll be rigid or soft contacts, and more.

In some cases, your eye doctor will advise against contacts on the basis of dry eye or allergies, both conditions that can be exacerbated by lenses, or because of astigmatism or other problems with the shape of the eye that make contacts untenable. In this case, you will discuss alternative types of eyewear with your optometrist.

Make an Appointment with Our Optometrist In Chula Vista Today

If you have been suffering from eye problems that need correction, or have been wearing glasses for too long and want to make the switch to contacts, all you have to do is let us know. Our optometrist is here to help. When you’re ready to make an appointment with a professional optometrist serving Rancho Del Rey, Imperial Beach, Terra Nova, Bonita or East Lake, give us a call today at (619) 482-2020. We look forward to serving you soon.