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Importance of Back to School Eye Exams

Back to School Eye Exams at Villa Optometry in Chula Vista

With the beginning of the school year rapidly approaching, Villa Optometry in Chula Vista would like to remind you to schedule your child’s back to school eye exam. Scheduling your child a back to school eye exam helps detect vision problems so that your child can get the vision correction he or she needs to see the board, read and learn.

Little girl going back to school after an eye exam.

Reasons to Schedule a Back to School Vision Exam with Our Optometrist near Chula Vista

Even if your child is not displaying any noticeable symptoms of an eye problem, our optometrist near Chula Vista still recommends annual eye exams for all children before the start of every school year.

  • See Clearly – Children can have some of the same visual acuity problems as adults, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Getting an annual comprehensive eye care exam can ensure that your child has the glasses or contacts he or she needs in order to see clearly.
  • Reading Comprehension – The eyes work with the brain when your child in reading. Having a clear vision and proper eye function helps your child mentally picture the words they are reading.
  • Improve School Performance – In some instances, a child may be diagnosed with a learning disability when the problem is really vision related. Getting a comprehensive pediatric eye care exam that includes tests for depth perception, color blindness and eye teaming and tracking can help identify vision problems that may be hindering your child’s school performance.
  • Develop Hand/Eye Coordination – Poor eye tracking and teaming, color blindness and depth perception problems can lead to underdeveloped hand/eye coordination, which can make your child perform poorly when participating in sports and other physical activities. Identifying the problems and correcting them through vision therapy and other treatments can help your child improve his or her hand/eye coordination.

Back to School Eye Care Exams with our Eye Doctor

Our eye doctor performs back to school eye care exams that include testing for visual acuity, depth perception, eye tracking and teaming and color blindness. If we notice any eye problems, we will explain the findings to you and recommend corrective lenses as well as other treatment options in order to help your child see clearly and use his or her eye effectively.

To Schedule Your Child’s Back to School Eye Exam; Contact Us at 619-482-2020

Did you know that every child should have a back to school eye exam?