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Signs of Eye Allergies and Long Term Relief

Signs of Eye Allergies and Long Term Relief from Our Chula Vista Eye Doctor

If you've been dealing with recurring eye allergies, seasonal or year-round, let our optometrist near Chula Vista simplify your life. Don't just ignore your annoying, itchy, watery eyes--and don't rely solely upon over-the-counter remedies. Sometimes those very remedies can trigger your eye allergies or make them worse.

Woman with eye allergies needs to go to a chiropractor in Chula Vista.

Our eye doctor sees many patients with eye allergies and we can help isolate the problem with a simple eye exam. If your allergies are mild, we can direct you to the right non-prescription eye care method to control your symptoms. For serious, unrelenting eye allergies, we have several oral and eye drop medications we can prescribe to help eliminate eye allergies from your life--over the long term. 

Allergies Don't Have to Come Back, with the Right Eye Care

There is a medication option that can help eye allergies return much less often and can diminish their intensity. Our optometrist near Chula Vista has an excellent solution for many severe eye allergy sufferers. A medication called a mast cell stabilizer can decrease future eye allergy flare-ups in properly selected patients.

You Don't Have to Give Up Wearing Contacts Due to Eye Allergies 

Our eye doctor will work with you to prescribe a type of silicone hydrogel contact lens that allows plenty of oxygen through to your eye as you're wearing your contacts. This can help you avoid allergy eyes. Our optometrist will typically choose a disposable daily wear lens for you, which you just throw away at the end of each day. Disposables eliminate a common eye allergy trigger: certain contact lens solutions that can bring on eye allergy reactions in some people. You'll also eliminate touching and reinsert your contacts so that microscopic irritants (from hands or environment) won't get into your eyes that way.

Medication Options to Banish Eye Allergy Symptoms

In addition to longer-term mast cell medication discussed above, we also offer the following eye allergy treatments, as appropriate:

  • Corticosteroid eye drops for temporary use, to help decrease eye area swelling.
  • Antihistamines, which calm histamine release, eliminating the cause of a runny nose or eye tearing symptoms. 
  • Decongestants, which tighten ocular blood vessels to clear up eye redness.
  • NSAID eye drops work well for cases of hay fever.

Learn about Eye Allergy Treatment Options Built Around You, by Our Optometrist in Chula Vista, CA 

If you don't have an annual eye exam coming up in the near future, make a specific appointment to get an eye allergy diagnosis and treatment here at Villa Optometry. Contact us at 619-482-2020 today!